Q: How many Mormons does it take to change a light bulb?

A: At least six: One to change the light bulb; one to deny that there was any change made; one to say that “we shouldn’t focus on the change–only the need for light”; one to say we “don’t teach that the light bulb needed changing in the first place”; one to say that “the changer was acting for himself and not as an official changer”; and one to say “who cares who changed the bulb, don’t you feel the burning of the light?”


2 thoughts on “Jokes”

  1. Q: What is a Mormon woman’s favorite wine?

    A: When are we gunna hava ‘nother baaaaaby?

    Q: Why do you never take one Mormon fishing?

    A: Because he will smoke all your cigarettes and drink all your beer.

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