Writings That Directly Challenge Conventional Mormon Thought

The gospel of Jesus Christ clearly says to us as far as the world of truth and fact is concerned, there’s nothing out there to be afraid of. The Latter- day Saint leans into learning with a gusto, or should. -Elder Neal A. Maxwell

If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed. -J. Reuben Clark

Faithful LDS/Christian Books

  1. The Book of Mormon & The Pearl of Great Price
  2. Studies of the Book of Mormon, BH Roberts
  3. Journal of Discourses
  4. History of the Church
  5. The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel
  6. In Sacred Loneliness, Todd Compton
  7. An American Prophet’s Record, Scott Faulring
  8. An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins,  Grant Palmer
  9. The Mormon Hierarchy – Origins of Power,  D. Michael Quinn
  10. The Mormon Hierarchy – Extensions of Power,  D. Michael Quinn
  11. The Sanctity of Dissent, Paul James Toscano
  12. A Peculiar People, Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation, Ron Schow, Wayne Schow & Marybeth Raynes

 LDS/Christian Books by former  members or outsiders

  1. By His Own Hand Upon Papyrus, by Charles M. Larson
  2. Losing a Lost Tribe, Simon Southerton
  3. Under the Banner of Heaven,  Jon Krakauer
  4. Farewell to Eden, by Duwayne Anderson
  5. Leaving the Fold, by James W. Ure
  6. Stranger at the Gate, Mel White
  7. Why I Am Not a Christian, Bertrand Russell
  8. Combatting Cult Mind Control, Steven Hassan

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