Dad's Primal Scream

“Oh my! What will we tell the children when the gays come shoving it in our faces!?”

News Flash: They’re already here and always have been!

But since you asked, here’s how it is done:

Two years ago I was invited to a long-time friend’s wedding. We go way back to elementary school together and had recently reunited after bumping into one another at a “No on Prop 8” volunteer meeting.

After my babysitter stood me up, I called my friend to tell her I couldn’t attend her wedding because I didn’t have a sitter.

“Bring them! Please come!”

I swallowed hard, because my friend is a lesbian…not that I have a problem with it  obviously, but because my ex-wife is uber-Mormon and I knew she would. But deep in my heart I knew there was nothing wrong with my children’s participation. Exposure to love is always a…

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