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I know I haven’t posted much lately. It’s been a real rough Summer and Fall. I will post more soon because I feel like I’m the upswing from a bad period.

The good news is that in my brief blogging slow-down over the last several months there have been fantastic strides in the gay marriage arena. Gay couples can now marry in this largely conservative state and all over the country! Similar strides have been made in the LDS camp. The Mormon church has finally decided to fess up to to many embarrassing and/or difficult details in its history and doctrine by releasing essays on lds.org. These include details on  polygamy, blacks and the priesthood, The Book of Abraham, etc that got me branded as a liar and an anti-Mormon when I brought them up 10 years ago.

Anyhow, it will be another month or two before I return to regular posts. I’ll explain more then.

In the meantime, I’ve found that in my darker struggles it helps to recall moments that make me smile. Sometimes I need to purposely search for them.

Here’s my 5th installment of Things That Make Me Smile :

 Jim Carrey Makes Me Smile

I’ve not always been a huge fan, but then I saw this graduation speech he gave:


 And most recently this. (If you want, jump to the 4:00 mark where he gives a bizarre but hilarious monologue. I find it particularly funny because my name is Dennis)

Secret Billionaire

One Hit Wonders Make Me Smile. Good For Them!




Pachelbel’s Canon in D

Mark Hamill


Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird


I smile when Singers invite random audience members onstage to sing a duet and they totally nail it.

(Shhhh! Do NOT tell me these are staged! I get so much joy out of believing in the marvelous serendipity of it that I’m sticking to the “random” story, thank you very much!)

Kristin Chenoweth invites Sarah Horn to sing “For Good”

Kristin Chenoweth

Lea Salonga & Jared Young “A Whole New World”

Lea Solanga

Josh Groban sings “To Where You Are” with Maude

Josh Groban

Carol Burnett and Dennis Amick sing “Kiss Today Goodbye”

CArol Burnett

Michael Buble’ and 15 year old Sam “Feeling Good”

Michael Buble

I smile even more when the opposite happens!

Carole King Surprises Cast of Broadway Musical “Beautiful”

Carol King

Good Looking Men, of course!

Good Looking Men

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