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In honor of Mormons watching General Conference this weekend… I’m not. I’m catching peeks into what may have been said via my various Facebook groups, family and friends. I don’t miss the talks in the slightest, but I do like the choirs. So I tried to see if there were some videos on YouTube yet. Then I found this.

Mormons. Bless their hearts.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir once performed a Nigerian carol called “Betelehemu” and it’s the whitest darn thing I’ve ever seen. I just watched it four times and got whiter each time. I’m now white and delightsome.

Even the drummers are all white!


My favorite part is when they start swaying back and forth, arms stiffly at their sides.

You know I love the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, right? I tend to prefer hymns as choir music. They were written specifically for that type of singing. I really can’t tolerate the Mo-Tab when they sing Broadway show tunes or pop music, so I’m already disposed to reject this sort of attempt at an African melody.

The sick thing is that after watching it a few times I kind of like it now. Bless my little white heart.