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staleypqYou’ve got your wide variety of drugs. Some people drink alcohol in excess. Some people are addicted to heroine, meth, crack cocaine, prescription pain killers. Some things like sex and food are wonderful in moderation, but they can be indulged in to such a time-consuming extreme that they become a drug as well.

Religion, especially Mormonism, falls in that mix of fairly harmless activities that at a fundamental extreme level become vices. Maybe it is worse because it’s sold and promoted in the name of truth and love – and it is condoned by the public as righteous.

snorting coke

The fact is that Mormonism divides people, steals their free will, suffocates creativity and expression, stifles passions, replaces “reason” with illusion, and casts a person’s mind/soul into voluntary bondage and servitude. Hence the danger: lured by love and truth into the cage, and then become a “soldier” to put the bars around everyone else.

At least the dangers of meth are advertised. At least the information is available to give meth users a viable “choice” on whether to use or not. Religion is inherited, and force fed to our children.

Religion is a drug. Like any drug, it will help you escape from reality. It will take away some of the perceived “sting” of existence. It will take the burdens of thought off your shoulders. It will make you feel like you can fly from the ledge, without wings… It will purport to solve life’s most serious problems. The ironic catch is that the very “sting” and the very “problems” religion can solve are merely fabricated “problems” created by the religion itself.

Here’s what it looks like when you are addicted to Mormonism, when you buy into its fabricated idea that your very being is a problem and therefore you need to keep taking the drug to overcome the “problem.” Gay Mormons who have bought the idea wholesale that acting “gay” is the “problem” part of being a gay Mormon, therefore turn ever more forcefully to the institution that created the “problem” in the first place…

voices of hope

Like a drug, the intoxicating effects cannot last forever. Reason does seep in… You have to increase the dose to stay high, to ward off contradiction. That’s why you’ll find that self-doubting gay men make up some of the highest ranking leaders or most dedicated followers. Gay Mormon men, as you can see here even make some pretty good husbands, as they pour on their straight spouse-loving efforts into a cocktail of bitter and sweet that leaves them feeling an initial high and a most certain hangover.  They have to turn to it MORE, give MORE money, marry, serve in callings, bear testimony MORE.

drugs17f-1-webThe videos in this Voices of Hope only show the intoxicated and drugged. They leave out the morning after walks of shame that surely occur in quiet, solitary moments for these men and women as something deep inside them whispers that they are pretending.

And, in the end, it will steal their life… But it’s a voluntary trade: accept the lies and illusions in return for mind numbing escape… You can call it truth to make you feel better. What an amazing addiction! A justified, self-righteous numbness and the path to heaven! Meth without societal disapproval! Religion on a “crusade” to justify itself.


PS. This whole Voices of Hope thing is apparently an off-shoot of the North Star effort. I’ve commented several times that I believe other pro-Mormon, anti-gay online efforts seem to be too slick and too coordinated to be just random Mormons. And I believe Voices of Hope is the glue that connects them all. The videographer for Voices of Hope is the dude here.

When I watch Ty and the others in the video I see drug addicts trying to convince themselves and others that their drug of choice is the answer.  I only see pain and co-dependent spouses.

It would be interesting to see who is contributing to their efforts to raise over a million dollars.