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The best comments responding to the conversion of Liza Morong after she attended The Book of Mormon Musical on Broadway!


  • She has devoted her life to performance art in the name of irony.
  • I’ll take the “Opposite of a Chinese Finger Trap  ” for $500, Alex.
  • The truth is, she probably converted after she found out from South Park that the Mormons are the only religion allowed into heaven.

south park sarcasm

  • This is akin to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad converting to Christianity after taking in Jesus Christ Superstar, isn’t it?
  • Yes but who can say no to Jesus in The Americas! Shiat got real with that revelation.
  • Know who else converted to Mormonism? Amy Fisher
  • Yeah, I know a guy who saw ‘Cats’; went up on the roof, wouldn’t come down til he was hungry.
  • I converted after watching Orgasmo.
  • They’re making things up again, kind of.

Know More

  • I wonder if she converts to a porn star after watching Orgazmo and to a Scientologist after watching Battle Field Earth or Christian after Jesus Camp
  • Wow, they are hogging all the women away from us.
  • She’s cute.  Is she still interested in a missionary position?
  • This is the “burning in the bosom” that proves it’s true. It may be the only religion in the world that can be cured with Maalox.
  • Is it bad that when I saw her picture I immediately thought she looked like she should be Mormon?
  • I saw Starlight Express back in ’93 and decided to become an electric train. Shortly afterwards I saw Phantom and horribly disfigured myself so that I could buy an opera house and live out my fantasies. Musicals have power, people.
  • After I saw Fiddler I had the roof coated in Teflon. Who wants Jews up there?!
  • A little too much LDS
  • I joined a gang after seeing this:


  • Finally. Now I know what an aneurysm looks like in text form.
  •  Mormonism is caucasian islam.