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Dad's Primal Scream

Exaggerated truth is what humor is all about. Because of my cynical but fun tongue-in-cheek piece on coming out I’m going to to pull back a bit and explore the other side of the truth.

I love being out and I love that I am gay.

The type of experiences and the type of guys I’ve described in that post are irritants to most gay friends I have too. Most of the guys I’ve met are truly top notch men. They tend to be creative, successful,  interesting and fun to be around.

It’s just like a rash. When you have a rash, the majority of your skin may not be covered with it, but it’s the rashy part that makes you itch and demands your attention. It’s the rashy part that often gets described as “gay culture” but that’s actually the minority.

I’m equally baffled by men who let “gay culture” define…

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