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Isn’t it so awesome that the Mormon Church is giving permission to its members to love their gay family and friends!!!! We can now be welcomed with “compassion” and “open arms” … as long as we act straight.

I’ve been quite preoccupied in my new location for reasons I’ll get into in another post. I’m bummed that I totally missed out on the dialogue last week regarding the Mormon Church’s new PR effort, the website www.mormonsandgays.org


Haven’t figured out what a “SAND” gay is, but that’s besides the point.

Straight liberal Mormons seem thrilled.

Active gay Mormons now have an official voice other than North Star (although it appears to be one in the same).

Gay former Mormons such as myself seem unimpressed or “meh” at best.

There is so much that I wanted to say about it, but I feel like the hour to give a timely reaction has passed. So, I won’t.

But if by chance you are wondering why I’m not just bowled over in joy nor feeling the love, visit the best commentary on the Mormons’ new site done by way of a parody site www.mormonsandnegroes.org


Really. Go look at it and compare. It’s priceless. Imagine you are in pre-1978 Mormondom and enjoy.

Go now. Check it out.

Get it now?

My own reaction to the Mormon Sand Gays site as it best coincides with my experience of being a gay Mormon can best be summed up by a quote from Frederick Douglas:

I prayed for freedom for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.

As a postscript… I’ve long been a fan of Dan Pearce’s blog Single Dad Laughing. When I first chanced upon his site over a year ago I just loved his writing voice and connected with his story. I suspected that he was a former Mormon too. He is.

Then a year ago he wrote an awesome post called “I’m Christian unless you’re gay.” Then, a month ago he came out. Check all that out too.

single dadlaughing