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(Reblogged from Dec 2010)

The Premise: Apostates who leave the LDS faith will find that they are all  given over to vile desires, wandering without an anchor in the world, unsuccessful in life and most of all terribly, terribly unhappy.

For Example: When I first met my ex-wife and we were still in that stage where we were sharing our past with each other, I remember her telling me the story of her involvement with the Young Women’s program in her ward. Coming from a part-member family she became active in the LDS Church on her own as a teenager.  There was one of her fellow Young Women that I recall receiving special mention.

This was a girl I’d never met named Michelle.  I knew her younger sister from the single’s ward but as the story goes Michelle had gone to BYU and gotten mixed up in a bad crowd.  My ex had lost touch with her and didn’t really know all the details of the story, but in cases like these it’s just the major points that are important.  Michelle had gotten involved with *gasp* some feminists at BYU.  This of course led Michelle to question authority which in turn made Michelle’s mind fertile ground for anti-Mormon material.  Eventually Michelle left BYU and the LDS church because she started thinking. The last rumor was that Michelle was in Northern California somewhere dabbling in drugs wasting her time away being an angry feminist, studying God knows what…ever learning but never able to discover the truth.

Michelle was obviously unhappy and that was a direct result of her apostasy.

I heard varying versions of this story at times when my ex and another long-time friend of hers were together.  It was always told with sad clicks of their tongues and self-righteous gasps of gratitude that their lives were so successful because they were temple married, etc….

The Truth: My divorce and apostasy occurred just about at the time Facebook was becoming popular. For the first few years I used it to reconnect with old friends.  Michelle’s sister, my friend from the singles ward, was one of them.  She also had left the church but that’s another story.

Through that connection I became curious about her sister, Michelle, because of the stories I’d heard about her.  Was she still the lost, angry, drug addicted felon I’d heard she was?

It turns out, no.  No she’s not.

Michelle Paradise (her real last name) happens to be a successful TV writer, actor and producer.  At the time I found this out the first season of her TV show Exes and Ohs was running on the gay cable channel Logo.

Yes, she’s a homosexshul, but she’s certainly not living in a van down by the river.