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(Reblogged from Nov 2010)

My Ex believed/believes profoundly in the power of prayer.

Act I

Me: Back when I proposed, didn’t you pray to Heavenly Father for direction on whether or not you should marry me?

Her: Yes

Me: Did He tell you that you were OK to go ahead?

Her: Yes

Me: Since God is all-knowing, don’t you think he knew I was gay?

Her: Yes

Me: He probably even knew I’d lose faith in Him one day too, right?

Her: Yes

Me: So God knew but neither you nor I had a clue.  But He said to go ahead and get married to me anyway?

Her: Yes

Me: So why isn’t God the one you are pissed off at?

Act II

Her: I’ve received a spiritual witness that there’s another spirit waiting to come into our family and that it’s a boy.  A brother for [oldest son].

Me: I don’t believe that anymore.

Her: But I’ve prayed about it and I believe we should have another child.

Me: I’m not sure that’s a great idea considering the last 18 months…

[cut to Me making the last big concession in our marriage.  The end of an 11 year run of not having the balls to say no and stick with it]

[She gets pregnant]

[I have vasectomy]

[She has a baby girl]

[We get divorced and I never had sex with a woman again]

[Child #4 is of course a gift and I couldn’t imagine life without her..but she’s clearly not a boy]

In the name of Cheese and Rice, Amen