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“I’ve been encouraged by the support of many friends including gay friends, incidentally.”Kirk Cameron

As soon as I read this I wracked my brain trying to imagine if I had any so-called “friends” who would agree with little Mike Seaver and who would say the same thing. You know, claim me as their gay friend and claim that I think they’re all teddy-bear, huggy, warm and fuzzy in spite of their bigoted views.

I remember relatives and other Mormons saying something like this back in the 70’s about black people when they were defending the priesthood ban.

“I’m not racist. I have lots of black friends but…”

I do know many people in my circle of acquaintances and family members who would agree with the child star’s views on homosexuality. Let me just say for the record that of these people with such views, none of them qualify to call me friend. NONE.

Just because I am courteous to you and don’t pick fights with you in public does not mean that I accept your limited, narrow views as reasonable. I’m not supportive. I’m just polite . There’s a difference.

True friends of mine, for whom the feeling is mutual, love and accept me unconditionally as I do them. Oh yes, I still have some family and friends who are Mormons or Christians, but the words out of their mouths have an entirely different ring.

At the very worst they would say something like,

“With my limited understanding I don’t really get the what, when, why and how of homosexuality and therefore I’m not willing to judge. I do know that Dadsprimalscream is a good, sincere, honest person and I want only the best for him.”

I don’t know… looking pretty gay here himself, even for the 80’s

Do you see the difference? My friends would not associate me with the words “unnatural,” “detrimental,” or the phrase, “ultimately destructive to the foundations of civilization.” You’d have to be pretty self-hating to hear a friend say that about you and still support him. Yet, I can imagine in his circle of Christian friends that there are indeed gays wracked with self-loathing who feel that way about themselves. I’m not denying that Kirk may indeed have such friends.

I am, however,  saying to my own circle of acquaintances and family to not count me as your friend when you feel that way. I will greet you warmly at family functions or at work meetings. I’ll even avoid talking to you about my personal life because it seems to make you squirm.

Do not mistake my being polite in public with “support.”

I actually think you are a shallow, pig-headed, brainwashed bigot who couldn’t really understand true friendship or true family if you tried.