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Sorry, Jesus, but your followers are just not that into you.

Exhibit A: Posted on my personal Facebook wall:

"Today's lesson is on traditional biblically-approved marriages. Certainly grateful for the moral compass that lets rape victims know she at least gets to marry the attacker as long as he pays off her Dad."

 And here is the discussion that followed:

Commentor #1  “Love that one.”

Commentor #2  “The word rape in the context that it was written meens to have sex with a unmarried woman. Before you believe everything you read and form an opinion you should know what your talking about. I normally dont voice my opinion on here but I will when you take Gods word and put your own spin on it to support your beliefs. I have seen this happen on both sides of the marraige equality debate and for that I am sorry. I do believe marraige should be between 1 man and 1 woman however I also believe sin is sin and will not judge you anymore harshly than I do myself. God created all of us and loves all of us, that doesn’t mean we get free license to do as we desire without consequence however. I am not anymore worthy than you or anyone else to stand in judgement of another. If we as people would learn to put others before ourselves we would be alot better. That is what tolerance is to me, not agreeing with you or you agreeing with me.

Commentor #3 “Well said #2”

Commentor #4  “Well, #2, even if you take away the “rape” issue, the “1 man, 1 woman” argument still is weak in the old testament….

Commentor#5 (Dadsprimalscream, Me) “That definition of rape does nothing to lessen the silliness of the rule… and modern Christians still don’t follow it given that meaning. The point of the slide still stands and that is that “traditional marriage” is nothing like people currently would like to believe. Many of these rules and regulations are easily dismissed as another culture and another time and yet most people fail to do so if the biblical passage still resonates with their current prejudices. They merely pick and chose, otherwise these forms of marriage would still be followed. What ends up happening is they create God in their image rather than following what the scripture actually says.

Commentor #2 I don’t believe it is wise to call Gods word weak or silly simply because you dont agree with it.That’s like saying you are smarter than the creator of the universe. I would not want to stand before Him and try to explain that one.Marraige has always been man and woman, never man and man, woman and woman. I do agree Dadsprimalscream that people tend to pick and choose. The forms of marraige your talking about are still followed in many parts of the world just not in the US. We have laws against such marraiges. I dont want to argue about this just wanted to point out the error in the interpretation of scripture and can completely understand how stupid it looks in relation to our traditions and laws. I am glad we dont live in that type of culture because if we did we probably would not be allowed to have this conversation either. I meant no disrespect by my original post. Have a great day.

So I let the discussion die there.

What’s worse? My calling “God’s word” silly as an obvious unbeliever, or supposed followers of God blatantly dismissing “God’s word” by their chronic refusal to obey it wholly?

I could go on forever and list all the scriptures that believers willingly disregard. But here are just a few of my favorite passages that Mormons and/or Christians desregard thus proving to Jesus that they’re just not all that into him as they profess:

  1. Government involvement in personal lives: Jesus clearly tells Mormons in Doctrine and Covenants 134:4,7 that government should never be used to infringe upon the rights of others in matters of “conscience” but current Mormon leaders just aren’t into that kind of Jesus and decided to promote their own brand of civic morality when they encouraged their members to bankroll Prop 8 in California.
  2. Enemies.Jesus taught Christians a very unique way of dealing with enemies, but I can’t really find any evidence among the Christian mainstream of their willingness to comply with His methods:
        1. Matt 5:25 “Agree with thine adversary quickly”
        2. Matt 5:39 “but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also”
        3. Matt 5:44 “Love your enemies”
        4. Rom 12:14 “Bless them which persecute you”
  3. Money and Wealth. Jesus and the righteous people in the Book of Mormon appear to have been socialists
        1. Matt 19:23 “If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.”
        2. 4 Nephi 1 “And they had all things common among them; therefore there were not rich and poor, bond and free, but they were all made free, and partakers of the heavenly gift.
And that’s not even adding anything from the Old Testament!
The same chapters and books in the Old Testament that seemingly condemn homosexuality, and which believers eagerly latch onto, contain a host of other silly rules and regulations that they likewise easily ignore when it doesn’t match their prejudices or plans for a convenient life.