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I had my Broadway debut. No lie.

I’m in New York City right now and went to see a Broadway show last night… Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

I can’t even begin to describe how campy, fun and joyful the play is. I loved it… and I was in it!

At the beginning of the second act the scene is a small outback town in Australia and the cast pulled a half-dozen or so audience members to join them onstage for the dancing. I was chosen, or actually I volunteered. I was sitting in an isle seat and I saw one of the cast members a few rows up trying to coerce someone to join her and the person didn’t want to…so I waved at her to indicate I’d do it… and so up I went!

Me. Onstage. On Broadway. Check.

It was surreal. It was hilarious. It was a blast. I was up there for about a minute skipping in a circle and doing the polka with my friendly cast member…and finally taking a bow.

And here’s the Mormon connection… Will Swenson, the lead in the play is Mormon although I understand he’s not active.

If you’ve seen the movie, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and enjoyed it then you have got to see the play. My favorite part was in the end when Swenson’s character is reading a bedtime story to his young son with whom he’s recently been reunited. It reminds me of how innocent and non-judgmental children are just naturally. The boy couldn’t care less that his Dad is a drag queen. He just wants a Dad and there’s a purity in the connection between father and son that reminded me of why I love being a Dad myself.

Beyond that, the fabulous, and I do mean FABULOUS costumes were amazing. Campy 80’s music and hilarious pop culture references make this a play not to be missed if you’re in New York. And get an orchestra seat on the isle and maybe you’ll make it onstage too!