After a year and a half of blogging, I’m trilled anytime someone reads, comments or subscribes to my blog. But the truth is that I do it for myself more than anyone. The posts I am most proud of are not necessarily the ones most people have read. I’ve added over 150 separate posts and I wouldn’t expect anyone to go back and read them.  But if you’re new here and want to catch up, here are a few of the most visited posts as well as the hidden gems I’m most proud of having written.

My all time most popular posts:

1. Loneliness

2. Marriage

3. The Masturbation Talk for Mormon Boys and Girls

4. “The Book of Mormon” Musical and Me

5. Porn for Mormons

6. My First Boob Was at a Drive-in Movie


The posts I am most proud of having written (but aren’t as well-read):

1. A Life in Sepia Tones & A Cubic Zirconia Life (essentially the same topic from different angles)

2. Contempt

3. Dear Mini Me

4. Respect

5. The Backup Plan

6. Fighting Injustice

7. The Baby and the Bathwater