A couple of months ago a fellow blogger sent me an e-mail saying she was recognizing Dad’s Primal Scream as one of the blogs she most reads and prefers. It was quote a compliment and I appreciated it. In return I was supposed to do the same thing for the blogs that I read and enjoy.

I didn’t do it.

I didn’t do it for a couple of reasons…

  • I set it aside and forgot about it because I had other posts percolating that I wanted to get to first.
  • It smelled faintly of those, “Re-Post this as your Facebook status if you really care about ….” things… and I hate those..

And now I can’t find the e-mail or remember who it was from. Thinking about it, it wasn’t like one of those Facebook re-post things because it didn’t tell me I was a heartless, abusive evildoer if I didn’t comply.

Sharing the love in the blogging world is a good policy and so here I’m going to list the bloggers whose new posts put a smile on my face when I see them come up in my Google Reader list. As a voracious reader, I subscribe to a lot of blogs in a variety of topics. I recently cleaned out my subscription list and unsubscribed from bloggers who hadn’t posted anything in 3 months.

My only requirement for making this list is that the blogger needs to update fairly regularly. There are some sporadic bloggers out there that I really like but they’re not on this list; some of these are amateurs like myself and some are professional bloggers (you can tell by the ads on their pages).

Here are some really great consistent bloggers who interest me:

(in no particular order)

Her blog is a lot like mine in many ways but of the lesbian variety. She has past family and Mormon issues to deal with as well as the current new life joys and sorrows. She’s a school teacher living in the South somewhere and I appreciated the way she thinks and writes.

As the title implies, the author is a single dad. He obviously adores his son and it clearly shows in his writing. He doesn’t say so but I suspect he’s a former Mormon who lives in Utah. I think he has successfully achieved a very diverse readership because he somehow manages to make you feel like you are his personal friend and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s straight but read this post about his gay friend; it generated quite a lot of buzz. I love him for that post alone.

Unlike the name implies this has nothing to do with religion. She’s an American living in Brazil. Because of my former connection to Brazil I love reading of her experiences and thoughts with the experience.

The premise is clever and it’s pulled off quite succinctly. A gay guy and a straight guy write brief letters to each other. It never gets too serious nor does it pander to anyone. It’s just fun, good-hearted appreciation for one another.

Without ever breaking character, this guy satirizes modern Mormon leadership and doctrine beautifully. I think most people even have to read a few of his posts before they get it – that he’s not really  an LDS Stake President. This is the best comedic LDS-themed blog that I’ve found.

I LOVE the way this woman writes. She’s funny, sassy and we have almost nothing in common. I wish I could tap into my funny bone in my writing like she does naturally.

I think this blog is supposed to be all about career advice but the posts are rarely about work. The author has led a fascinating life and part of her charm is how she readily blogs about her personal flaws. This is one of those to read just because you know you’ll get a different perspective than one you’ve already considered.

A way I keep my thumb on the pulse of New York Theatre.

Much like Gay Guy/Straight Guy, this blog works because the posts are brief and the premise remains consistent and honest.

And on the racier side (but still not porn):

Tap That Guy

People use their smart phones to take pictures of cute guys around the world and send them in to this blog. It’s just a fun diversion. Cute guys. No nudity.

Crypt Leather Blog

Videos pictures and topics of interest to the gay crowd. This is updated frequently. The Crypt is a leather and adult store in San Diego. My high school drama teacher introduced me to the place as she’ll work in there occasionally. LOL

Big Shoe Diaries

Warning: There is a nude picture on the home page and many of the posts are probably not safe for work. You will see pornographic male nudity in this one.

The author, Colby Keller, is a gay porn star and I find his blogging creative and intelligent while at the same time tongue-in-cheek and humorous. He regularly posts pictures of random phallic-looking objects that he encounters. In other posts he’ll highlight an artist that he likes.