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Dexter, one of my many guilty pleasures.

I was catching up on my DVRing tonight and watched the latest episode of Dexter.

For the uninitiated, Dexter is a Showtime series about a serial killer who targets other killers. It’s completely messed up because Dexter is somehow made into the protagonist. You root for him and don’t want him to get caught because all he does is get the bad guys.

Anyway, in tonight’s episode a cop was visiting the home of  a wacko religious couple. They weren’t part of any particular religion but just psychopaths who just found a home with some crazy ass “prophet” who co-opted religion for his own selfish psychotic purposes (sound familiar?).

As this cop was leaving said crazy religious fanatic’s home, he notices some books on their bookself written by the suspect.

I CHUCKLED because right next to the book in question was a book by Gerald Lund, a Mormon novelist. It was one of the books in the Work and The Glory series, Vol 2 I think. Someone in the Showtime props department, knew their religious fanatic details well enough to throw that on the bookshelf!

Nothing speaks to crazy like a good old Mormon novel about the founding of Mormonism!