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If you read my previous post about karma, then you’ll know the angst I’m feeling as I navigate the new word of dating and beginning new relationships.

I’m still there.

But as I have been taking my Improv class, I’m learning and practicing living in the moment rather than fretting yesterday or what is to come.

I’m dating “karma man” from that previous post and  I still really like him and I enjoy our time together.

I spent Thanksgiving with him and his friends and he’s moving into town soon so there won’t be distance that complicates it even further. In my opinion he still sucks at the communication thing, but I was speaking with a relationship professional the other day who admitted to me that she does the same thing (fails to response in a timely, courteous manner) herself and that I shouldn’t read much into it. She flippantly dismissed it as a “Southern California thing.”

Well, I have lived most of my life here and this is the first time I’m getting the memo.

Having been married for 11 years and having experienced only 1 other serious relationship since then, I’m not really dating savvy by any stretch of the imagination.

What I do have to offer is that I AM pretty good at actually being in a relationship.  When I’ve broken up it has always been logistical issues, not personality clashes or that the day-to-day was miserable. I think most ex-es of mine would agree that not only am I easy to get along with and even pleasant to live with, but I’m also fun, caring and giving. I’m not high maintenance. As long as my partner isn’t high maintenance either we’re golden.

I don’t need to spend every waking moment together, but that whole dance at the beginning of a relationship when you try to figure out how much time you do want to spend together is a foreign language to me. For the last 3+ years I’ve existed in a  social-life black hole for the most part, but what they say is true, “when it rains it pours.”

Suddenly 2 other budding relationships have come out of the woodwork. None of these relationships have matured to the point of being exclusive or even to the point of talking about heading that direction, but they are all 3 decent, hard-working professional, good-looking men with good hearts. Still, when that time comes I know in my heart that I’ve got a more powerful thing for “karma man.”

I don’t really believe in karma, but if I did I’d probably tell myself that in light of the recent upswing in my dating world I must have done something good.