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I know I’m full of advice (or just full of it), but here’s another little hint for my Mormon friends… Declaring that you are better, “fuller,” or more true than the very folks you are trying to persuade to let you be part of their “Christian” club isn’t the way to do it.

In fact self-declarations of being uniquely “correct” are probably THE very thing that dredges up that ugly “C” word. You see yourselves as THE Christians, not part of any larger movement of Christianity. So, why get your garments in a wad when they take you at your word? I don’t see why that’s so hard to understand.

One of my Mormon “friends” posted the following to her Facebook wall:

Many have partial truths, but the Church of Jesus Christ is the only one w/ the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ set up His church w/ a prophet and apostles. The priesthood and the church was restored to this Earth in these last days… learn more if you are seeking for truth:-)

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Is it just me or this totally out of pace with the current wrangling over Mormons being Christian?  There was a time when Mormons didn’t WANT to be grouped together with the mainstream Christians.  I remember it.

For example, my uncle’s gravestone marker bears the Star of David symbol oddly enough. When he entered the military he had the opportunity to check a box to designate his religion: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish. 50 -60 years ago his Mormon upbringing led him to choose Jewish over the 2 Christian options or “None.”

And for one last laugh, here’s a great skit on The Daily Show between a Mormon and a Christian.

In conclusion, the Mormons are every bit as Christian as the FLDS are Mormon.