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As a former LDS missionary, I found the following observations to be fascinating insights from a blogger currently speaking with the LDS missionaries in her area. SmorgZone relates a 3  part (so far) tale of her conversations with the missionaries and her  visits to a Mormon Church.

Here are some random quotes to give you a taste:

    • “nice if vaguely creepy in a smothering sort of way.”
    • “they claimed that their church is the only true church, the only one with complete information/instruction from god even though they know nothing of Deism or Hinduism or Islam or Buddhism. How can one claim to have the only truth when one has yet to examine if not all then most of the different truth claims out there?”
    • “the sisters made it a point to tell me before they leave that if I decide to check their church out online, I should only confine myself to their official website (www.mormon.org) as all the others are false and misleading. Now, if that doesn’t raise all sort of alarm flags going haywire in your head, you should immediately check the flagging system’s batteries or switch to a more effective model.”
    • “The assertion that the American Indians were descendants of Jewish tribes that sailed in from the Middle East seems quite fantastic.With modern DNA ancestral tracing this seems an easy claim to verify.”
    • “Theirs is a certainty-oriented church culture. While I’m waiting to see where the evidence would lead me, they already know where they want to go regardless of what the evidence says.”
    • “The sisters got all enthusiastic in telling me about the conversion of Alma the Older this week without seeming realizing how the story is nearly exactly the same as the conversion of Saul into Paul the Evangelist in the New Testament.”
    • “it just sounded…. confined and controlled”
    • “Spontaneity was tacitly checked at the sanctuary doors, apparently.”
    • “It felt as if the whole place was under an omerta one doesn’t dare break because one is always conscious of being visible to the church leaders.”
    • “I’m not sure what so shook them up about having to recite that ending; because they were emotionally overwhelmed in a good way or because they didn’t truly believe everything in that formulaic closing themselves and were shaken by their own subconscious recognition of the spiritual dishonesty in the act of professing to believe what one doesn’t actually believe.”
    • “the LDS dogma is much more enthusiastic about rites and rituals than it is about people’s spirituality and integrity.”