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Joanna Brooks is a well known writer on religion.  Her latest article details the tragic consequences of the status quo for Mormon homosexuals:

Suicide Leads to Calls for Improved Treatment of LGBT Mormons

I had to respond and comment with the following:

Personally I find the LDS comments on this piece perfect examples of exactly what Joanna is talking about and of what I’ve experienced.

No, shunning and arrogant judgements are not official policies, but they live in the hearts and minds of the LDS members who are trying to emulate their leaders. It’s the practice.

I lived the same path as Jahn and Bryan. Except I wasn’t excommunicated. I had not been unfaithful. I left the church. I did not leave my wife. She left me. And yes, a move across state lines was both legal and seen as wise by all her LDS advisors and lawyers. I have full legal and custody rights, but when your children are hours away you become a fun uncle rather than an in-depth father by default. Of course that’s not a “policy” of the LDS church either, but it is approved of in practice and my ex-wife, who has separated her children from their Dad, enjoys full approval and fellowship in the supposed “family-friendly” church.

Agreed that it is a weak person who takes their own life. I’ve felt the devastating emotion many times but never solidly considered it. But isn’t that what Jesus Christ taught at the very core? To reach out and save the weakest among us? Isn’t THAT the soul who religion is supposed to save? Talk of the difference between “actions” as opposed to “tendencies” is merely an attempt to give yourself permission to judge and mistreat and I don’t see any true Christianity in it.

What I see when I look at an LDS gathering is the  ninety and nine patting themselves on the back for not straying. To them, it’s OK to be the black sheep, you just shouldn’t acknowledge it or do anything to make your world better because of it.

As one who has been shunned, despised and judged, it gets better with time and it’s better over here. Outside.