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Here’s an honest question for any active LDS readers who might chance upon this blog post…

Have you ever had a non-member’s face light up and absolutely glow with excitement once they find out you are Mormon? Do they ever then pepper you with questions at a party or gathering so that it ends up dominating the conversation with everyone else riveted on your every word?

It had never happened to me either.

It was mostly indifference back then.

But it happens to me ALL THE TIME now … when they find out I’m an EX-Mormon, that is.

And friends who once avoided or tip-toed around religious topics now approach me with the subject all on their own. It would have been a dream reaction back in the days when I was an enthusiastic member missionary.

People can’t get enough of it now.  I used to think it was ME.  Early on in my post-Mormonness it seemed like every interaction I ever had circled back around to Mormonism. Then, I stopped talking about it or avoided it when asked because it was starting to annoy even me.

Unlike a lot of post-Mormons I am still regularly confronted with the LDS religion because my children are being raised in it. It’s still in my life whether I like it or not. After some time of remaining mum I began to build up a frustration due to not talking about the crazy things I saw it doing to my kids as a father.

I ended up with a strange ambivalence because I wanted to talk to somebody, but I didn’t want it cloud my interactions with  EVERYone anymore. And I certainly didn’t want to make my kids listen to my ranting since it’s not their fault their Mom is fanatic.

That’s exactly when I started this blog and that’s why I blog anonymously.

So, I’m at a nice place where I rarely bring up the topics I post about here in my personal life, but I can come on here and lay down my thoughts and frustrations and then walk away.

But it always finds me anyway!

I just got a text message from a long-time friend (since high school) visiting town who has invited me out for drinks with some of his traveling buddies:

HIM: Six men still at the pool.  We’ll be out soon. As soon as I know the plans I’ll call you. FYI EVERYONE has Mormon questions…sorry!

ME: LOL I wish I had kept some of my Mormon underwear to show

And a few weeks ago out of the blue from an even longer-time friend (since 3rd grade) texted me:

HER:“OMG! I am reading “Under the Banner of Heaven” I had no idea!  You should read it.”

ME: “LOL I’ve read it.  It’s all true.”

HER: “It’s crazy! I’m so glad you got out with a brain.”

ME: “Well thanks.  I’m so glad you loved me even back then.”

HER: “I do love you. I have so many questions next time we’re together. Save your kids!”

Tonight I’ll replay a scene that has taken place so often over the last 6 years.  I’ll be at a bar with a drink in my hand getting peppered with questions on Mormonism and their reaction will most likely be, “Noooo!” or “Sounds made up”


I expect  some of the following topics to come up:

  • Garments (sex)
  • Polyandry (sex)
  • Shunning
  • Temple work for the dead
  • Kolob
  • Book of Abraham
  • Lying about Prop 8 involvement
  • Mormon women and depression
  • Bad Mormon sex or Celestial sex
  • Premarital sex
  • Mormons and Africans

I’ll return and report.