I received my first self-righteous, arrogant, religious fanatic comment on my blog! In the real world, I’d just roll my eyes and politely walk by, but this isn’t the real world.  It’s MY blog and I get to do what I usually really want to do.  I get to reply and make fun of it. So, here’s my line by line reply to this blog post of mine:

Excuse me I’m not a a great author or an intellectual.

I can tell, but stuttering or intelligence have nothing to do with anything I post on my blog.  There are very intelligent atheists, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, Mormons … and a good representation of idiots can be found in each group as well.

But on my innocent search looking for personal views about teaching in Japan I came across your sordid post.

Nevertheless you still stayed and commented on MY space.  I did not post this on yours. So, the onus is on you to behave politely and respectfully.  If you don’t like it, you can leave and walk on by.  Getting upset and angry like you did only fuels and supports the stereotype of your belief system and those who follow it.

What the hell is this post designed to do?

Again, this is my space and I don’t have to actually have a reason to post whatever I feel like at any particular time.  Still, if you’d read my “about” section you would have learned what the entire blog is about. I think it would have answered your question adequately.

Seriously, I can’t get through a whole paragraph in this thing without some slighting comment about how you’re no longer a Mormon or how blind they are as a people.

That says more about you than it does about the blog. The funny thing is, I reread the post and counted 7 paragraphs before I even hint at anything negative towards Mormonism.

Your constant use of the term “Momon” or “Mormonism” without the respectful proper name of “Latter Day Saint” or LDS repeatedly demonstrates your irritating and needless contempt.

This is my favorite part of your comments.  First, I love it because you used the term “Mormon” yourself in the sentence just before this, and then you misspell it in this one!  Second, it is a hilarious comment because the Mormon leaders themselves have recently spent a gazillion dollars on an advertising campaign which ONLY uses the term “Mormon” to describe themselves and their members.  From a billboard in Times Square to TV ads to their own Mormon.org web site, the evidence clearly suggests that the official party line has abandoned that old weak attempt at re-branding themselves that never really caught on anyway.  Clearly, you never got the memo. If your accusations were correct, the Mormon leaders obviously have “irritating and needless contempt” for members. On second thought, you may actually be on to something there…

It’s distasteful and childish and I have to admit I almost couldn’t even finish the entire thing because of my disgust.

But you did finish, didn’t you.  It often takes a lot of self-righteous ranting and raving before all the cognitive dissonance makes you cry “uncle!” Please come back in a few years when that happens.

It’s as though you had never experienced life outside your comfy religious zone or never faced people of a different perspective before that shocked you off your shallow rooted upbringing.

I actually find that a “comfy religious zone” instead tends to cause people to draw conclusions about people who they don’t know and who they haven’t bothered to get to know…like you do here.  I actually grew up “in the mission field” and have lived in many places of the world where the Mormon church isn’t even a blip on anyone’s radar.

Don’t blame the Mormon people to justify your ill founded slights to a people who have done nothing but good for you.

Please do try to be specific and tell me exactly which comments of mine are “ill founded”.  Likewise, not knowing me and obviously not having read much more about me you couldn’t possibly have collected enough knowledge to make the assumption that Mormons “have done nothing but good for [me].” It’s another case of your self-righteous arrogance seeping in.

You wouldn’t do disrespect to the Jewish or Muslim people so.

Actually I would.  This comment of yours, more than anything, tells me you haven’t read anything else I’ve written. I think you’re all batshit crazy…Mormons not much more or less than any other religion.  But Mormonism is the religion that I know for the same reason that most Jews know Judiaism and most Muslims know Islam… because I was born into it. And so it’s the religion that I speak about, but it’s not because there’s anything special about it.

And the only paragraph free from your slams is the one about how to properly defecate in which you find hilarious.

Yes, this is the one part of your diatribe that I’ll own up to. I have a sophomoric sense of humor.  One of my favorite memories in Japan is watching my new trainer, a middle-aged Japanese woman, pantomiming this proper “defecating” technique to me and my colleagues in a restaurant the night before we left to our assignments.

And now, here come the obligatory, arrogant and thoughtless conclusions that believers always feel that they must draw about those who willingly decide to leave their belief system…

You can excuse yourself every which way and I’m sure you already have or you wouldn’t feel free to submit this kind of discourteous prattle, but If I were you, I’d examine what kind of mistakes I’d made in my own life that would drive me to excuse insulting a beautiful religion that has brought many people to fulfilling happy and real lives closer to God that I assume you have been in a long time.

Let’s look at the evidence for just one second regarding your comment that choosing to leave Mormonism can only be as a result of a mistake on the part of the one who leaves. Besides being the sort of comment that cults say towards apostates, let’s see what most Mormons apparently think about Mormonism.  Off the top of my head, I think the Mormons now claim 14 million members.  At an average 30%  activity rate (but most likely much less worldwide) that gives us around 4 million who feel so “fulfilled” and “happy” that they choose to attend a meeting once a month. Of those, let’s give Mormons the benefit of the doubt and say half of those have temple recommends (although I’m certain it’s far, far fewer) meaning they live “real lives closer to God” according to the Mormon standard. That’s 2 million or 14% of the Mormons who find the Mormon church “beautiful” or “fulfilling” enough to bother to follow it.

Believe me, it’s not that hard to be a Mormon.  In fact it’s quite easy to follow an inflexible pattern and to rely on others to make the tough decisions.  One might better encourage the Mormon leadership to ask themselves what kind of mistakes THEY’VE made that have driven 86% of the members to turn their backs on it to an extent that they choose to NOT live it in any significant way.

Please come back and comment again! This was fun!