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Born this way?

Who cares? It seems like a totally irrelevant discourse to me.  What follows is a response to another blog post suggesting that LGBT activists get it all wrong with their approach to gay marriage and gay rights.  To a large extent I agree.  We shouldn’t be arguing the opposition’s topics, but we should be introducing our own.  Part of this is due to the unhelpful victim mentality that prevails in the LGBT community (justifiable – one could argue – still unhelpful).

As a gay man I’m constantly baffled at the obsession both in and out of the LGBT community over finding out how I became gay and whether or not it can be changed because in my case alone I know the answer to both questions.  It’s a fundamental unchanging part of ME.

But so much for taking a man at his word.

Of course I can choose to live an outwardly straight existence. I did it for 40 years.  The question is whether that is healthy and moral for me and for society. I can answer for me… NO. I can go out on a limb and say that it wasn’t much good for my ex-wife either. As for society, I haven’t yet encountered one solid argument as to why my living a life as a gay man, with another man is unhealthy or morally deviant.  That’s why Prop 8 was so easy to overturn when its supporters were required to provide evidence.

There is much more solid evidence to suggest that homosexuality is beneficial to society.  I think it’s a bit crazy or extreme to suggest that ALL of us being gay is ideal.  But it is an easy argument to suggest that some homosexuality in society is the ideal. Some homosexuality is preferable to total heterosexuality or even total homosexuality. Studies suggest that gay animals contribute to their “society” by supporting and caring for those on the fringes thus benefiting the whole.

I think if you look at volunteer organizations and adopting couples you’ll find a disproportionate number of gays and lesbians who WANT to care for others.  That’s my personal experience as well. Gays do make the world a better place.

If you at all care about music, art, theatre, design, TV, Film and yes even religion …just try to imagine a world without homosexuals. Case closed.