I didn’t watch the royal wedding coverage live but I caught bits and pieces of the repeat coverage today.  I want to sound really cool and say that I don’t give a rat’s ass about it, but the truth is I obviously kept it on the same channel when the repeat coverage came on. But I do that with Jerry Springer too. I should probably hand in my gay card because I didn’t care enough to watch it live, but it’s not my thing.

If you watched it, did you notice?

  • The wedding couple are simply beautiful in every way, yet…
    • She obviously hasn’t had a boob job.  Small natural boobs there. How did she manage beauty without THAT?

    • He’s balding prematurely and hasn’t invested in a toupee, plugs or transplant. The dude is hot!
  • Say what you will about monarchy and celebrity, the planning and  coverage of this event was a work of art. The music, the costumes, the timing, the beauty, the colors, the camera shots, the actors, the setting…simply gorgeous.
  • Diana gets all the credit for her contribution to humanity, but Charles  and their boys have significantly attempted to better the world as well.
  • As much as I’d like their money, all that attention and living under that microscope of criticism and admiration would pretty much make it all a wash.
  • The extent of the adoration and worship heaped on them is utterly incomprehensible and absurd.  Come on! They shit in a toilet, wipe their own asses and put their jeans on one leg at a time just like everyone else.  Please… I am embarrassed that I’m blogging about it.
  • Behind all the pomp, it does appear that the two people like each other.  I hope for their sake that they love each other.  You can’t fake that. His parents’ experience should have taught him that.  So, I have zero sympathy for him if this is all ONLY a show.
  • A day later, at least, the coverage of the tornadoes received more attention and time on TV news than the royal wedding. We evidently didn’t go TOO bat-shit crazy over this non-event.
  • William’s brother, Harry in uniform, does more for red-heads than  anyone ever thought possible.
  • A LOT of the network reporters are REALLY good looking. I can name several CNN, MSNBC and even Fox News dudes that I wouldn’t kick out of the sack. Just sayin’