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NEWS FLASH: Just because you still believe in a silly concept doesn’t mean you OWN it!

The Flat Earth Society may still cling tightly to irrational and goofy reasoning, but the history of the idea belongs to anyone whose ancestors lived without the convenience of modern science and information transfer. In other words, that history belongs to ALL of us.

If I quote scientific evidence for a spherical earth I am not “Anti-Flat Earth.”  I am pro truth. The fact that the larger community gives limited time and space to the consideration of a flat earth doesn’t indicate a conspiracy of Anti Flat Earth sentiment; it doesn’t indicate  weakness of relying too heavily on the learning of men; it doesn’t indicate a lack of spiritual enlightenment.

One can argue for a flat earth from the scriptures.

One can bear testimony of a flat earth.

One can derive personal benefits from believing in a flat earth.

One can have non Flat Earthers as friends.

Some of the nicest, salt of the earth people you know may be Flat Earthers.

Some smart people are certainly Flat Earthers.

One can have faith in a flat earth.

One can believe in a flat earth quite sincerely and devotedly one day and then disbelieve it the next. It doesn’t mean that one never really believed or understood in the first place.

When I set forth my argument for why I don’t believe in a flat earth I am not being belligerent, resentful, faithless or angry.  Wanting my children to grow up with access to all the intelligence available to them is not trying to destroy their faith. It does not dishonor my ancestors who believed in a flat earth and it shows no disrespect to anyone who still believes in a flat earth.

That history is my history too and I’m extremely grateful that I had ancestors who were at least curious enough to look around and want to explain some things. Without modern tools, experiences and scientific methods the earth does indeed look flat.  There’s no shame in once believing that.

I don’t think you get to own the history of anything simply because you still believe it.  Let me say categorically that everything I have ever said about LDS history and culture refers to MY history and MY culture. It’s still mine even if I’ve decided that the truth lies elsewhere.

I wish LDS believers would stop getting their garments in a twist when I enter a dialogue about the faith. I have as much right, qualifications and sincerity as anyone else.