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A new study finds Atheists, Jews and Mormons to be more knowledgeable about world religions than those in other religious groups.  I probably qualify to some extent as 2 out of the 3 so I must be a genius!

All kidding aside, I took a portion of the test that they put online and I got 100% (10/10).

I saw someone ask in a Facebook post what those 3 groups had in common.  Some ideas:

  • None of them regard Jesus as God the Father
  • All three groups are considered as outside the mainstream and are mistrusted by the mainstream.
  • Members of all three groups tend to have a high degree of educational attainment.

Slice the study a different way, education was indeed the greatest determiner of scoring high on the test.  Educated people know quite a bit more about religion whether they believe it or not.  So, my plan is to educate my kids about any and all religions.

I’m speculating here but I don’t think Mormons would score so well if the test were esoteric facts about their own religion.  They are probably more like the lessor scoring Catholics in that arena.

I really like what my fellow blogger Wiz said, “To most Christians, the bible is like a software license.  Nobody actually reads it.  They just scroll to the bottom and clink “I agree”

For me, the greatest weapon against my religion was the more I learned about it.  I read the Bible, the Book of Mormon, devoured books by my religious leaders.  I didn’t read things against it.  I studied it from the inside out…and that led me out.