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So, as a father do I want my children to looks to Jesus Christ as as example of how to make choices in the 21st Century?

It depends. Are we talking about the Jesus Christ of the New Testament or the Mormon Jesus Christ?

  • Jesus Christ drank wine.
  • Jesus Christ was critical of religious leaders.
  • Jesus Christ probably wore sandals and had long hair.
  • We can assume Jesus Christ had a beard.

All of these things would keep you out of BYU today.  Some of these characteristics would keep a person from getting a temple recommend.  A father wouldn’t be able to see his daughter marry in the LDS temple, for example. The Mormons pretend Jesus drank grape juice, and that he’d be in a dark suit and tie teaching us to bow our heads and say “yes.”

I’m actually OK with the biblical Jesus on most levels.  I think that that Jesus would have us opening our eyes to the religious hypocrisy around us.  In fact I believe he’d be the one pointing it out.  And most of the things at the forefront of the LDS mind would be of no concern to him.

  • Would he care what we wore? Earrings?  Shirt color?
  • Was Jesus married or single? (either way it wasn’t an issue big enough to point out)
  • Were no homosexuals EVER caught in his day or did he just fail to see it as a problem in the future? Jesus Christ never mentioned homosexuality.
  • Jesus never claimed perfection.

In fact, when I read the New Testament, I see the Pharisees as the forerunner to the Mormons.  Jesus would be the apolitical, quasi-religious motivational speaker.

Yes, kids.  Please do follow Jesus but not the Mormon one or even the “Christian” one.  Follow the one who dared speak out, who dared think for himself and who dared to snub his nose at the petty minutia of fanatic religious folks.