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One of my favorite things about attending Brigham Young University was reading the opinion section of the campus newspaper.  There were so many petty controversies that it was quite entertaining.

There was a recent uproar over at my Alma Mater’s online newspapers the Daily Universe, when a student wrote an opinion calling for honesty on the part of LDS members with regards to their reasons for supporting  Prop 8 in California.  You can read his letter HERE

Here’s the money quote:

“It is time for LDS supporters of Prop. 8 to be honest about their reasons for supporting the amendment. It’s not about adoption rights, or the first amendment or tradition. These arguments were not found worthy of the standards for finding facts set up by our judicial system. The real reason is that a man who most of us believe is a prophet of God told us to support the amendment. We must accept this explanation, along with all its consequences for good or ill on our own relationship with God and his children here on earth. Maybe then we will stop thoughtlessly spouting reasons that are offensive to gays and lesbians and indefensible to those not of our faith.”

An LDS Apostle once said, “Sometimes the truth isn’t very useful.”

It didn’t take a full day for the opinion to be pulled from the online site. Sometimes the truth hurts.

This idea that the truth should be hidden is what first got me thinking about the veracity and reliability of the LDS Leadership and of the “gospel” itself. As I searched more I discovered a concept I had never heard before called “Lying for the Lord.” How shocking to discover that it’s actually standard operating procedure for the LDS Church. The ends (defending the LDS Faith) justify the means (Lying). No wonder the members are able to deceitfully try and hide their true reasons for supporting Prop 8. The example has been set for them by their leaders

In fact, this is why I think Prop 8 opponents are off base with their “No H8” and other accusations of hate towards these particular Prop 8 supporters. Let’s be honest ourselves. It’s not hate. It’s blind obedience. If the LDS prophet had a revelation and announced a more accepting and loving approach to homosexuality, the vast majority of Mormons would fall in line. The BYU student was spot on with his assessment and we should describe church members’ motivations accurately too.