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52.30 - I feel love

Image by nettsu via Flickr

I am a divorced father of 4 children.  I’m a post-Mormon.  I am a gay man.  This blog is my “primal scream” as I watch my children become indoctrinated with thought-terminating experiences and  mind-lulling pressure. This is about  how my rowboat of reason doesn’t stand a chance against the religious battleship of feelings and emotion in their daily lives.

How do you stand by and watch delusion take hold?  Intervention seems to just push them farther into the hypnotic embrace of their mother’s religion.

I’ve determined that I can’t resist it by pushing back.  Like with the martial art of Judo, sometimes giving in to the aggressive advance of an opponent will throw him off balance.

I will love my kids unconditionally.  Mormon or not Mormon.  And I’m not going to put them in the middle of the battle between their Mom’s religious fanaticism and my skepticism and humanism.

But this is a place for me to work off steam and frustration..offline so to speak.  Away from the family.  Away from those involved.